About us

Whether for a large or small-scale project, Paysagement Beauchamp outstands itself by natural landscaping designs that never fail to highlight your home, backyard or outdoor recreation area. Their professional, experienced and knowledgeable team have been successfully operating in the area for a number of years. Entrust your landscaping needs over to their expertise and be amazed at how, while respecting the natural resources that are present, their creativity and quality services transform your outdoor space into a relaxing and beautiful setting.

Our services

Paysagement Beauchamp offers a full range of landscaping services including

Natural Stone
Working with natural stone is Paysagement Beauchamp’s specialty! Natural Stones provide any landscape with a unique character. They can be used for a wide array of projects: a romantic path through a wooded area, a patio for the BBQ, walls or even japanese steps in the garden!

Design and plan conception

Trained in design, Paysagement Beauchamp’s team puts its expertise and creativity to work for your needs. The plan conception will be worked with you to ensure that your personal tastes and budget are respected. This important step is essential in making sure you are satisfied with the landscaping project.

Wood structures

Embellish your home with a new pergola, arbour or gate…

Pavement Work

Whether for walls, trails or patios, Paysagement Beauchamp is happy to help you with your pavement needs!

Flower Beds

Express your personality and trust in Paysagement Beauchamp’s ability to create the flower bed of your dreams! Their original and quality plants will bring a unique touch to your landscape.


Paysagement Beauchamp carefully prepares your land to ensure the high quality grass they use for your projects can withstand periods of drought.

Commercial Maintenance

Contact Paysagement Beauchamp in order to get more information regarding our multiple seasonal packages for the landscaping maintenance of your company!

Other services

Paysagement Beauchamp is happy to provide a wide array of additional landscaping services such as ponds, pondless waterfalls, outdoor lighting and more!